Leaders: Actively Manage Your Business Identity Narrative

The complex digital ecosystem is causing marketers to focus more intently on understanding consumer identity to drive successful campaign outcomes.

Businesses have their own identities that need to be actively managed in order to drive successful organizational outcomes.

This article describes the components of what I call the Business Identity Narrative (BIN) and offers a general framework for assessment.   

Ad tech partnerships: catalyst or crutch?

Thanks again to the folks at AdExchanger for publishing these thoughts on the value of partnerships in today's complex ad tech landscape.

The primary takeaway is that industries with connection value chains like ad tech naturally gravitate toward integrated platforms. The implication is the industry needs more consolidation, which in and of itself isn't a particularly novel conclusion. But sometimes it helps to define the fundamental argument for moving in that direction and provide a foundation for corporate development strategy.  

Will marketing clouds embrace activation?

Adobe's recent acquisition of TubeMogul could accelerate interesting industry conversations regarding the extent to which marketing clouds should play a larger role in paid media activation.  

The revenue model of activation companies and the lumpy nature of media purchases doesn't mix well with the traditional monetization models of today's marketing technology companies.  However, the revenue opportunity may be too big and the customer need too strong for marketing clouds to ignore.

Thanks to AdExchanger for publishing these thoughts.