"We knew his industry expertise would help us redefine our market approach but stepping into the CFO role and managing core financial and administrative functions was a real plus."

Patrick McKenna, Founder and CEO - Strike Social

"Todd's understanding of our company and the industry made it super easy to plug him in as an extension of our current team."

Tim Jenkins, CEO - 4INFO

"Todd's thoughts on how to position the company with potential financial partners were always on point. Every conversation was value-added."

Scott Sahadi, CEO - TE2

"Our board wanted to get an informed outside assessment of the state of the industry and our position in it.  Todd's comprehensive market knowledge was genuinely helpful for evaluating our strategic path forward."   

CEO, leading mobile marketing company

"We went out to raise our Series C round at a very difficult time in the market.  Todd's understanding of the industry was instrumental in helping us tell our story and successfully attracting the right financial partner.  His knowledge of the process was thorough and informative start to finish."   

Lance Neuhauser, CEO - 4C

"One of the things I most appreciate about Todd's perspective is his holistic understanding of business objectives, large and small, that lead to an organization's success. He's a straight-shooter and approaches his work with a level of integrity that makes it easy to build a relationship."

Chris Wolf, Former CFO - Acxiom Corporation (NASDAQ), Catalina Marketing (NYSE)

"Todd was always a pleasure to work with. He understood our company and industry very well. Equally importantly I knew he understood what was on the minds of our investors, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to sharing your story as the leader of a public company."   

James Hyman, Former CEO - Cornell Companies (NYSE)

"Todd's contribution was well beyond a typical board member. He was a true partner to our company, always willing to assist in moving our business forward any way he could."  

Grant Salmon, CEO - GBW